Earlier architects designed the building and constructed it; once the user group/client occupied it, they started arranging the furniture according to their liking and kept adding things according to their needs. In the earlier days the interior designers were approached for designing of commercial spaces as it helps in image building, enhances work productivity by providing a well organised place of work and gives a unique identity and a sense of pride to its owners and employees.
In present times, many families desire a well– planned and comfortable yet aesthetic and attractive house which enables them to relax with in a stress-free environment after a hard day’s work. Hence, people now increasingly seek the services of professional interior designers for residential or commercial spaces as they have the knowledge, expertise and guidance that can help prevent costly mistakes in terms of time and money. They work with architects, contractors, supervisors and different craft persons in order to complete the project smoothly on time, within a specific budget.
The interior designer can make most out of the given/available space without compromising on safety, functionality and comfort of the client. The professionals can reduce countless hours of shopping as they know the places where the materials suitable for the client’s needs including different climate zones are available. It is indeed a challenge for interior designers to create interior spaces that are unique, functional and give the client satisfaction and value for the money spent.

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