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360 Degree Panorama

IDI trains students to undergo 360 panorama modelling and render creation through specialised softwares like Eyecad VR software that takes architectural design to a new level with spatial perception, interactions and real-time rendering.

The Virtual Reality

A 360 panorama in your computer is impressive, but there’s nothing quite like seeing your space come to life through VR glasses. At IDI students  students are sure to get wooed & wowed because VR is most likely something they haven’t experienced before, especially not in the realm of interior design. 

3D Printing - The Future

 3D Printing makes it as cheap to create single items as it is to produce thousands and thus undermines economies of scale. 

3D Photo Realistic Rendering

At IDI you will know that ‘imperfect make perfect’ is the key for photorealistic goal in today’s 3D. Students will be fortune to get acquitted with the new technology that will pin new feathers to their cap(s). We, at IDI are always a step ahead towards shaping a bright careers for our students.

At IDI your future is AWESOME!!

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